So my crafty side took over this weekend while I was at Target and I thought I would share my latest project with everyone who shows toy breed dogs – Or at a minimum, could us a portable grooming table. How about a grooming table for under $30.00?  

Make Your Own Portable Grooming Table It all started with a folding table that I found for a $14.99. For a price like that, you can’t expect perfection but it is very lightweight, has adjustable heights, is very portable when it’s folded up and did I mention it’s lightweight? When you are lugging all of your gear from the parking lot up to the dog show ring, keeping the weight down is must. And for that price, you need to know that the weight limit for the table s only 25 pounds – So for us it is perfect for our Pug AND our Chihuahuas. Keep that weight limit in mind – This project may not work for you and your dog.

Make Your Own Portable Grooming TableSince the top of the table is hard plastic, it can be a bit slippery for dogs so I had to venture into two more aisles to make it perfect. We needed to reduce that slip – Off to the home organization and cleaning detainment I went first, on the hunt for Grip Shelf Liner or Con-Tact paper. I wanted the grip kind, all of which are not self adhesive so that gave me two options. I could go practical or pretty and I went the pretty route. There weren’t many print options at my Target but I will say I really like the one that I found and for $4.99, I was very pleased!

Since there was no adhesive to keep in on the table, my final stop with the Office Supply Department, were I got myself a can of spray adhesive. Thank you Elmer’s! You never seem to let me down! And at $6.99, the grand total for my project was $26.97 plus tax. WOOO HOOO!!!  The only other item you will need to complete the table is an X-Acto knife, which I happen to have on hand. If you need one, they can be picked up rather inexpensively – still keeping the total cost under $30.00.

After spraying a thin layer of the adhesive onto the top of the table, I laid a pre-measured piece of the liner onto of the adhesive and then used the X-Acto knife to trim around the edges. Voila! Portable as well as pretty grooming table that my dogs will not slip off of. LOVE IT!!!


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