Jen and Breanna headed on over this morning for our last training session before we head into our exciting two weekend clusters. It is exceptionally hot outside (it has been for several weeks actually) so Jen focused mostly on the fine details. Specifically when it comes to getting on the ground and hand-stacking our little ones.

The TBCC specialty in on Saturday and the girls are entered in Juniors as well as breed. This weekend’s cluster in Tampa is generally a pro handler event so the fine details could maker break their chance for placement. Especially when it means getting that tail up!

They also practiced those new tables skills and Alexis prove that she has them mastered. She was able to take what she learned with Boomer last week and incorporate the skills with KC on the table today.

Before it got unbearably hot, we brought Tipsy out for a few rounds, and without a single issue, she stacked growl free on the table and even walked with Breanna on the lead! Boy, has she come a long way!

Breanna is doing a fantastic job with Mr Beamer, and clearly the two have done a big of bonding over the last week. He shows very confidently with her – I can’t wait to see how he does this weekend. We will be taking with us to show on Friday but Jen and Breanna will take over on Saturday.

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