So I am here to tell you that unless you have a true friendship with a fellow exhibitor/handler when you start out in this sport, many “tips and secrets” are held back. Techniques to train your dog or the tips to actually show a dog are usually given freely but the one thing very early shared is grooming how to’s. And with all of the topics, be careful to take the information in because unfortunately, it’s intent might be to actually sabotage. Yes! That does happen more than you might think.

Preparing you Chihuahua for the show ring definitely starts with a good bath with the right products for the dog’s coat and blowing them dry to, for the best possible results. Trimming the whiskers, pads and around the feet are the next steps with me eventually using the thinning shears on any sections that drawn unwanted attention and then I usually put them up until the ring – where I brush and comb them out. These are the basics, leaving much more room to  learn for me, thats for sure. Yesterday, Jen shared with me some top secret tips on ears – Something I was told to NEVER touch on a Chihuahua. But what about when they are a tad too small, like KC’s? Ohhhhh yeah!   Jen did um right, thats for sure!

Taking shears and cutting around the edge of the ear  made an amazing difference but then she took the thinning shears and went at the tuffs just inside the ear and that made them both look much more to the standard. Can you see the difference? It’s amazing, right?

Look out Tampa, here we come! We are headed out tonight to be able to get a very early start on the shows this weekend. Wish us – and our awesome ears – Good Luck!


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