We haven’t shown in both the long and smooth coat varieties in such a long time so getting ready for a full day of showing far from home made for an interesting morning. We arrived at our hotel last night and had a blast with our weekend roommate, Michele, prepping for our weekend of fun.  No matter how many times we say next time we are going to get to bed at a decent hour, we again stayed up WAY too late being giggly girls. With an 8:00 am ring time, and to varieties to prep for, it made for a hectic start.

We made it ringside just in time for Alexis to bring Beamer into for the Open Dog class and for Alexis not having handled him in over a year, I have to say he did pretty darn well! Breanna has really been building his confidence because he pranced like a prince. He got 2nd place but it’s only the start to his two weekends in a row show adventure.

Immediately following the smooth coats was the long coats and getting Tipsy prepped for her debut for the weekend went very well. It’s ME that needs to do the relaxing so that I can keep calm with her in the ring. The stress of being late to the show grounds this morning hadn’t worn off yet and I was rather anxious. Wen we entered the ring, her tail was not up but Tipsy did GREAT on the table. It was me that messed up!

Tampa Show Friday Day 1 - TipsyTipsy’s bite moves without reason. Sometimes it can be a bit under with it mostly being dead-on, which it was when I checked it while brushing her out ringside. Since there is no rhyme or reason to why it sways, when the judge asked me to show the bite I actually gasped whenI saw it moved. Yes! Dumb ass me pointed out to the judge in a very loud way that her bite was off. Whooops! My bad!

Show Grooming
A Successful Non-Placement Day