It is time for Teddy’s next dental and we brought Smoochie along to get her rabies vaccine. Our day started out as plan but didn’t end that way. It was quite the adventure for all of us!

It all started with Teddy and his dental cleaning. His two remaining bottom teeth – his two canines – Had To Go! They were loose and had to be pulled. Unfortunately his jaw was already compromised. The loss of bone from periodontal decease along with old age made his bottom jaw very loose and the odds of his jaw breaking during the procedure was extremely high. A choice had to be made and I went with the decision to pull. Yes, the jaw bike. But Doc is the man! He wired it closed and now there is no wiggling at all! A diet of soupy, moist food and a few days of pain meds are in this guy’s future. We all feel so bad about the pain the Tedstier is going to feel once these meds wear off but in the long run, he will be MUCH better off for it. Those teeth were bad and I am sure eating was a very painful experience. That pain will be gone! And he will be so much happier in the long run!

Then came Smoochie. She may have come in for a poke but she left with a pull – two pulls to be exact. She had two retained upper canines and now was the time to pull them, to give room for her adult teeth to come in without issue. With Chihuahuas, cleaning their teeth is a must. Their mouths are so small that food and other particles get trapped between the teeth and then the problems grow. Brushing them daily is ideal and keeping them on dry food is the best. Removing retained puppy teeth is the only choice to prevent any possible issues in the future. Good heath is what we all want right? That is less offensive doggy kisses.

Oh My Lonely Girl
Mush Mouth