Back in the Juniors ring, amazing things happened. Not only did Alexis have competition again, but she really worked the ring and showed off her handling skills. So much so that she earned her second win! You read that right – She only has one more win to go to move up into the Open class!

Boomer and Alexis are a perfect team on the floor it’s on the table that if there is going to be an issue, it will happen. This morning, our little Pug was a pistol! he was a hungry little bugger and any smidgen of food got his attention. When we stack Chihuahuas on the table, they are small enough that you can place your bait on the back end of the table and stack them towards the front with no issue. Alexis did just that this morning and Boomer was all about getting his teeth into that chicken. She struggled to keep his attention away from the food but she handled it all perfectly! She was calm, assertive and confident as she wrangled him while relocating the bait and then getting him stacked as necessary. I got it all capture in photos – She did AWESOME! The judge clearly thought so too because she pulled her to the front and gave her first place! Of course, they were back to their fluid ,movement self when they went back in the ring for Best Junior handler. Let’s hope we have more of the same the rest of the weekend – And she learned to keep the bait tucked up in the rubber band on her arm from now on too.

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They Did It Again!