Great Way To End The WeekendWe only had to miss Beamer and Hope while over in the Junior’s ring and from what I hear, she did her magic. There was no nipping but there was still a desire to try to jump off of the table. Other than that, he did a fabulous job for his last trip around the ring for the weekend.

Now I WAS there to watch Bella and boy was I happy for that. Bella finally did her best and her tail remained out and erect! Not up, but boy was it an improvement and of course, a great way to end the show weekend. She earned a 1st in her class and Alexis was able to bring her back in for Winner’s Bitch. The chances of her winning were nil, but more time in the ring is always a great thing.

The final trip around the ring was for Spike. Actually, is went in more than once! He was lone in his puppy class, with his 1st place bringing him back in for Winner’s Dog. ALl of Hope’s hard work was clearly rewarded today because she was able to bring out the best in him. So much so that he got Reserve. And we aren’t talkin’ a “by default” Reserve  – It was earned! CONGRATS HOPE AND SPIKE!!!!!

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