Our final day of the weekend not only splits us into two different rings at 8:30 am but today, we are in two completely different buildings! With the chance that all of the entries show in the Novice Senior class, Alexis opted to start the day out at the Junior ring. Hope on the other hand decided that she wanted to have the chance to show Spike in Breed so she remained in the main building.

Unfortunately, Alexi’s competition didn’t show up and she was alone again in her class. Of course, she did a fabulous job in the ring, expect for one small mishap where she didn’t move out of the way when the judge circled them during a self-stack, she earned her 1st place. It was then that she decided to forgo the the Best Junior Handler competition to be able to participate in Breed competition. Back to the main building we ran…

We Got Through Breed
Great Way To End The Weekend