As I explained, Juniors and Chihuahuas were in side-by-side rings and all but Spike made it into the Breed ring this morning. The girls were able to handle both of the girls, while I had to bring Beamer into the ring .

Beamer surprisingly did the same freak-out on the table again and to be honest, he has us all perplexed. Thank goodness he is still in the puppy class and that the judge was so kind and patient because she made a point to make it as positive of an experience as possible for him.

Hope was able to take Smoochie is and she was able to keep her much calmer on the table. The Smooch is still a scaredy-cat but again, the judge was kind and patient. She got a automatic 1st but she actually walked around the ring with her tail up at the very end. Major accomplishment when it comes to Smoochie! Today was her last show of the weekend – I thought all three days would be a bit much for her. So to end her weekend on such a positive is a great thing!

And with Bella kicking her show weekend into gear, she actually got her tail out from between her legs and extended out behind her and AND she walked the entire ring. Granted, she looked like a snake with her belly practically on the mats but she walked.  We’ll proudly accept that 2nd place – That’s huge as far as I am concerned.

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