With the ring conflicts plaguing us the entire weekend, today was the day that if everything aligned correctly, the girls could get all dogs in each ring. They were somewhat successful, with all but one entry making it into the ring. This is because they were in side-by-side rings this morning!

While Alexis was in for Novice Senior, Hope took Beamer and Smoochie in for the Smooth Coat Puppy classes. Unfortunately, the other entries that were set to be in the Novice class didn’t make it to the ring (probably another ring conflict) so Alexis was alone. Her First Place was without competition and her time in the Best Junior Handler ring kept her away from the Breed ring during the entire Smooth Coat competition.

Unfortunately, Long Coats started around the same time Hope had to enter the ring for the Open Intermediate Class. The breed judge was amazingly kind and was willing to delay Spike’s class if she finished in Juniors before the LC dog classes were finished but it just didn’t happen. Honestly, this wasn’t such a bad thing because the super team did it again and this time Hope and Spike placed 3rd place in calls with 10 Juniors! TEN! And Spike is only 10 months old. So unbelievably proud!


They Did It Again!
We Got Through Breed