I have said it from day one – This is one very unique litter of Chihuahua puppies! Not only do they each have their own, shade or hue to their coat, and they prefer to NOT sleep in fluffy dog beds but they also have different textures and sheen to their long coats. Skyy is fluffy and medium length, Spikage looks to have a double coat and his is LONG, and Stoli is in between the two. Tipsy’s coat length is very short but se is totally a long coat and the texture is more silky.

And these are the only differences. Now that they are 6 weeks old, they are truly starting to resemble Chihuahuas and of course, their  temperaments are shining through too. They are getting very playful and brave as they venture out further and further for their play sessions in the living room. Each so unique but at the same time, clearly Teddy and Barbie babies at the same time.

Mia Loves The Puppies
Snackin' Through The Kabooms