Feeding SpikeageWhen you combine Teddy’s lineage, a tiny sized pup and a late weaning, you get the crash. It’s something we look for in every Teddy litter, which we were luckily spared in the last. With our first Teddy litter, all three girls has sugar crashes after weaning. With this litter, we discovered on Sunday that we only have one and that just so happens to be Spikeage.

We woke today to find him a bit under the weather and when he didn’t eat his kibble, a gum check was performed. Confirming a sugar drop, we pulled out the Nutri-Cal and moist puppy food to help get his levels back to normal. He has been in our little “Puppy ICU” ever since, getting tons of one on one time. Syringe feeding him is the morning routine, since in the morning his levels are at their lowest. By the afternoon he is ready to run and play. Keeping a puppy in more of a  sedentary state is not the easiest but it is what he needs.

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