I have been mentioning the “puppy uglies” that long coat Chihuahua puppies go through, for years. Seriously, there are so pups that get down right nasty looking! The loss of their puppy coat begins around 3 1/2-4 months and for a period of time there, they look like smooth coats. The fringe on their ears and tail are the only way to know they are long coats, some times.

I decided to take the time to document the evolution of our latest long coat puppy, Bubbles. From being an 8 week old ball of fluff, right through to her now stunning and silky adult coat at just around a year old. Not only can you see the change in the coat, but be sure to note the changes that come along with sabled Chihuahua puppies.

Sabled pups get lighter, with the sabling oftentimes reducing to a bit of subtle black on the tail and ears. Of course, Bubbles also has a black mask like her daddy and that too morphed as she matured. Interesting evolution all the way round, wouldn’t ya say?

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