Lil Miss Bella is not one that loves the show ring experience. Sure, she did make it around the ring at our last show but she wasn’t in heaven while going through the experience. I still wish to watch her continue to grow and mature so holding onto her has always been the plan. Today the perfect solution presented itself and we decided to give it a go!

Our dear friends have one of our older puppies, Ozzie who’s play buddy Einstein passed away several months back. He has become quite lonely and they have been looking for a new buddy for the Oz-Man. Since their daughter has already bonded with Bella, even working on her lead training with her, we thought that ended her home with them for the week would be a great way to see if she and Ozzy would do well together. When I got this photo tonight, a few hours after the adventure began, I knew we found the right mix. We will continue to see how things go over the rest of the week…


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