When breeders share ideas with fellow breeders, there are a lot of “Oh My Word! That’s BRILLIANT!” moments. You see, dog beds are always a battle and to find the perfect solution to the many issues that can arise has been impossible. Up until today that is!

Mainstays Stacking Bins as Dog BedsIf you are a Figgy’s Fan, you have followed our doggy bed journey. I have purchase a plethora, made my own with zipper covers and individual pillows and even tried the Perla Bed equivalent (I am also frugal by the way). So when my friend Shelly pointed out her new dog room set up and showed me her new “doggy beds”, I knew immediately that I had to give them a try! Mainstays Stacking Bins from Walmart!

You see, when you have the number of dogs that we have and then you add the fact that we have intact males that will mark anything and everything, dogs beds require daily cleaning and sanitizing. The dog beds with foam to hold its shape will not make it through one round in the washing machine. The zipper covered beds are very easy to wash but that does take its toll on the fluff. The Perla beds are fabulous and easy to clean but with the number that we need, we would go broke filling out list! These stacking bins are under $10.o0 each and can be cleaned even easier than the Perlas! Place a comfy pillow in the bottomed voila! The perfect new doggy slumber spot. In our house, we can get four Chihuahuas in one bed! The only bad thing is they cannot be ordered online – In-store only – So run out to your local store and stock up!

You Know I Had To Buy This
Great Deal Alert!!