The Smooch is not only having to contend with her first heat but also a very nasty infection in her lymph node that we have spent the last week trying to find the right antibiotic to help treat. It started with a very swollen neck on the 1st,  moving down into the jaw the next day. I initially thought perhaps a bug bite but this was WAY beyond an allergic  reaction. This is a major infection and one that her body has apparently been trying to fight off for several weeks. Poor baby!!! Oral antibiotics are just not cutting it and we are onto day 3 of two injected doses, daily.

After ruling out that this was not an oral issue, Doc lanced the area to get a swabbed sample to help narrow this down but the results were inconclusive. It is actually a LOT better than it was but we are on Smoochie watch – If the infection seeps out, we are back to Doc’s for some emergency intervention – Keep your fingers crossed!



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