We will be spending the entire weekend in Plant City as we compete in the Brandon Kennel Club dog shows. While we wait for Tipsy to mature and fill out more, we will only be entering the Pugs and of course, the Junior competition. This was our first show weekend with Margie and boy was it filled with excitement!

Marg didn’t place and Boomer was rightfully beat-out by Rufus the Pug but that didn’t make the day any less exciting. First, there was a Major for bitches in Pugs, the main reason that Marg is staying with us. We got to meet so many fabulous fellow Pug lovers and of course, breeders so that alone made the drive worth while.

Day one in Plant CityThis was also the first dog show after the start of the new Junior Showmanship calendar year which is very significant since this is Alexi’s first time competing in the Open class.

You see, once you’re in the Open class – no matter what age – you are completing to earn your 10 wins to be able to move up into the Master class. The calendar for the Master class is based on the eligibility dates for the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. This year that happens to be October 8th. So what does this mean for us? Our newly crossed Open class young lady competes against all of the 2014 Masters who moved back down to Open 16 days ago. Needless to say this was the first time she never placed nor received a ribbon. I can say it is going to be a VERY interesting 2015 though! We are working towards earning eligibility to go to the National, that’s for sure!

Everyone Was Ready To Come Home