furminate1I am honestly not sure HOW we have survived this long without one of these in our bag of tools but the suggestion of using a Furminator on the Pugs was jumped upon and let me tell you – IT’S A MIRACLE TOOL!!!

We used it on Boomer and Marg this afternoon and the ball of fur pulled from their coats was amazing. Granted, our Chihuahuas do not shed anywhere near that of a Pug but they seemed to love the attention when we combed them and yes, we did pull some out.

There is a small blade, like that in a coat stripper but the Pugs literally situated themselves to get “combed” when we pull one out. I am here to tell you that ALL Pug owners should get themselves one and Chihuahua lovers? It will definitely help when coat-blowing season is upon you!




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