It has been said that showing dogs is a costly hobby. I am here to tell you that it most definitely is! The grooming tables, dryers, carts and crates are NOTHING in cost compared to the brushes, combs and shampoos we purchase to make our dogs look their very best.

In our house, each dog requires their own special brush and comb suited for the unique coat. With prices ranging from $35 – $60 our grooming bags are filled with brushes and climbs more expense than I use on my own hair!

Then comes the collection of brushing sprays, shampoo, conditioners and coat supplements. Oh my word! It’s insane! Coat color, texture, length and skin condition determines which of the many Isle of Dogs products is used on each of our dogs. Pets AND the show dogs get their own IOD spa treatment but it is still an individual investment that I feel they are beyond worthy of receiving.  IOD will be at the dog shows this weekend and it is time to replenish out color shampoos and our supplements!!!

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