That’s exactly what me as well as several others – Adults and fellow Juniors alike – said to Alexis now that she has move dup to the Master class. After her first weekend competing with the very experiences Juniors, we explained it was very obvious what was running through her mind this morning while she was in the ring. She was giving up!

The moment the judge pointed to another one of the kids in the ring, she stopped showing the dog. Her shoulders slumped and her attitude changed, appearing very defeated. The thing is, she is normally a person that works the dog the entire time that she is in the ring. And even last month in Plant City, she stopped working Boomer once the first Junior was selected. Day two in Plant City and the again today in Brooksviille, the judge noticed it. Both judges actually kept looking at Alexis for placement but she stopped showing her dog and was passed by. Several of us pointed this out to her and explained that just because she doesn’t get a 1st place ribbon does mean that she doesn’t “win”.

There are four different placements for a reason. In the Open classes, the odds of having no compassion is slim and the majority of the time there are well over four competitors. Today for example, there were eight! So even with a 4th place selection, she won over for other juniors, something to be very, very proud of. So tomorrow she shall try again – Don’t Give Up!!!



Owning The Ring
Quite The Way To End The Day!