role-reverseSo I am thinking that Marg’s season is coming to an end. Why you ask? Well, Boomer has all but stopped his fascination with her nether region and has gone back to what he does best – Nap!

She has taken the lead position on this topic and made it well know that she clearly enjoys the extra attention. She will mount him and go to town, even going so far as to nibble on his neck! Then Boomer realizes that Marg has dominated him so he then takes the lead until he goes back to resting. With all of the role reversal going on, it was quite a hoot to watch Dude join in the festivities. He’s a neutered, grumpy old man that is usually asleep in the couch or at my hubby’s feet in the kitchen. Clearly all of the hormonal activities inspired him to get up and move!

Well That Was A First
Kicked The Week Off In The Pug Ring