I have never had an issue with breeding a Chihuahua – they have always just “taken care of business” on their own! Well, it just isn’t happenin’ with Boomer and Marg and some human intervention was required. We really want to her bred before she returns home in January so to help insure that actually happens, artificial insemination was must.

Thank you SO much Rita for your help and of course instruction on how to do an AI. Having my own infertility issues in my youth, I have to say a lot to what went down today was a major deja vu for me, it was not something I ever imagined myself doing. I had to chuckle at instructions to keeping the girly parts UP IN THE AIR for several minutes. Boy do I remember that one! Any who – if all went as planned, Boomer will be a daddy towards the middle of January – Keep your fingers and toes crossed!


Canine CPR - CHECK!
The Bubs Is Back Home