Canine CPR ClassWhen I received an email from the Institute of Technical Arts that they were hosting a First Aid and CPR class I knew this was something right up out our alley! You see, Alexis is homeschooled and any unique class like this being offered piques my interest. Then of course comes her passion towards all things dogs and our being constantly surrounded by them, knowing CPR would be a major bonus!

The school is locate right down the road from us, making the class beyond an absolute must. We headed on over tonight and I can tell you that even pet owners would benefit greatly from this class. It was wonderful! Very insightful with them covering all aspects of canine and feline first aid, rounding the class out with the CPR portion at the end. Granted, there were many students from the Institute in attendance but there were a large majority of us that were not attending the school, all gaining a lot of knowledge for sure! Everything was broken down to expelling the differences large breeds vs small breeds and of course cats as well, with the entire class being taught by an Emergency Vet – FASCINATING! If they offer the class again I would be sure to recommend to all!21

And She Walked!!!
Well That Was A First