With family in town from up in the Great White North, the invitation to come have an early Thanksgiving Dinner looking out at the Atlantic Ocean in Ormond Beach was gleefully accepted. Even as Floridians, a day at the beach is always 100 times better when shared with an out of towner. So we packed up to head out to the East Coast of the State and brought Tipsy along for additional socialization and KC to keep her company.

KC thoroughly enjoyed the long walk on the beach, avoiding  all of the jelly fish that washed up while still taking in the surf and sand. Unfortunately, we weren’t at the “dog beach” and received a very kind warning on the walk back to the condo. WHOOOOOPS! Our Bad! We do need to come back with a larger crew and visit that dog beach. Come to find out it is at Jetty Park in St Augustine.


While visiting and of course chowing down on the our holiday meal, we let Tipsy walk around the condo with a show lead around her neck, getting her used to the sensation of wearing it as well as the pressure it applies. She stood like a statue for the first 30 minutes, not happy in any way about her situation, even trying to chew it off of her while she laid in the doggy bed! . Eventually she began to take steps with the lead trailing behind her. It only took three hours for her to finally meander on her own without a care and accept the fact that it was there.  She finally allowed for a tug to get her to walk. YAHOOS!!! Success!



Single Day But Filled To The Brim!
Snugglin Up