Of the four day show up in Ocala, we only entered one day – today – and it was mostly for the chance to socialize Tipsy and to help build a Major in smooth coat males. Not saying’ the Junior ring wasn’t fun but it made for a very VERY long day, starting with an 8 am ring time and ending with the Juniors at 3:15. We didn’t even have a Groups visit! Any who…

We met with our friends at the Chihuahua ring bright and early at 7 am this morning with Beamer so that he could be drug around the ring. Oh yes! He was not too pleased about the experience but was a real trooper – Especially when he was in the ring for Winner’s Male. Come to find out when he was alone for his class he was not a happy camper. The moment he was back int he ring following another dog, he walked freely and beautifully. It was all good – the goal was accomplished and the Major was held – Congrats Bobi and Ken 🙂

We had a very long time to wait for our next ring time so we did a lot of shopping. I so loved the vendors that came out this year. Paws an Tails is always a favorite and I got some grey and lavender show leads for us to use with Tipsy. I picked up a stacking/grooming table to be used on top of the dog crates and of course, more Isle of Dogs products. Have you seen their new Flea Products?? With preggies in the house, an all natural and safe alternative to the tropicals we normally use is a must. This stuff will do the trick for sure!

We also did some exploring on the Ocala property.They have done a lot of major updates on the grounds since our last visit. I was rathe impressed to be honest – No more bark and shoddy pavilions – Beautiful sod and the repairs to the structures were wonderful!

Tipsy was handed off to anyone and everyone to help break her of her nasty habits as well as to get some evaluations. I had several people I highly respect go over her with a fine toothed comb and all comments were very positive. Well, except for the fact that she will NOT walk on a lead. What a pistol!!! She would take a step and then freeze with determination that she was not going to move. Outside of her movement, structurally she is spot-on and as Kat put it – “Very finishable – The Nicest thing we have produced!” Momma’s proud!15

We rounded out our very long day in the back of the property where the rings were not touched in the upgrades for and interestingly split up Juniors competition. Novice Juniors and Open Seniors only two hours after the other classes? Odd for sure but we made it. Alexis stayed focused all the way around and we all honesty thought she might have gotten a placement but were uber proud to see Rachel get the Class AND Best Junior again! So cool to witness!



No Quite Right
And She Walked!!!