Marg is in HeatSo we noticed last week that Boomer was given Marg a LOT of attention – I mean A LOT! It came to our attention yesterday that she has become quote swollen the lady-part region, explaining things very clearly! Obviously, all of the Chihuahua hormonal action brought Marg into season and no one is complaining by any means. Rayna’s desire to have her bred to Boomer was stated way back when we brought her home but never thought the opportunity would present itself since she is headed back home in January.

Being brought into heat by the others was a blessing but the idea of have a natural breeding is proving to be less likely? Boomer is persistent and determined – It’s Marg that isn’t quite getting the entire concept. She will stand for him but then appears to either tire out or be uninterested and plops herself down. I have heard that we humans often times must intervene in the breeding department when Pugs are in the mix so I may have to make some other arrangements this week 🙂


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