Our plan was always to do one breeding with Bella and then have her spayed to be able to live out her days in the lap of luxury with our dear friends. Initially she would stay with us until the breeding and whelping were complete but the timing just didn’t work out. By no means is it a bad thing that she went to couch life before because she is LOVING it but she is also here at our home enough still to make the transition very easy-peezy.

When we got the call that week that Ozzie was a little TOO interested in The Bubs we knew it had to be that time. Ohhhh yes! She is in season! And the idea to line breed her like we did her mom was the other plan. Tiger came home with us yesterday to make that line breeding happen. He is a grandson of Teddy and is also related to Eddie on his mother’s side. With that said, if all of the stars align we could have some VERY nice pups to help ring in the new year. We had our first official tie this afternoon, putting us on Whelp Watch in mid-January. Tiger- Ur Da Man!

Bye Bye Love
No Quite Right