With the Opening Bell ring times (8 am in the dog show world) one would think there would be enough time for the Junior Competition as well ad the Pugs. NOPE! There were 41 entered for today in the Open Senior class and with an average of 2 minutes per person in the regular ring, that time is longer for Juniors. There is NO WAY they will be done by 9:15am. That means another day of only the Pugs. It was still a lot of fun and very enlightening!

Alexis did everything that she could to keep Marg’s head up but after a few pointers, we realized the errors of our ways. With Chihuahua’s they will stay focused complete on the food you use as bait. Pugs become floor vacuums when left unfed, focused only on the possibility of finding lost morsels. She did do awesome (better than yesterday) which was rewarded when she got selected as the Reserve Winner’s Bitch after a 2nd place in her class! That was way too cool!

Boomer and Alexis again went through the motions and honed their skills while following right behind Rufus, who took Breed for the day. He is amazing to watch and wins, rightfully so. How owner/handler has been very sweet to Alexis and rooting her on for representing the breed in Juniors.


Kicked The Week Off In The Pug Ring
Finally Made It To The Juniors Ring