Thanks to the perfect scheduling on the final day of the Orlando Cluster, we were finally able to make it the Juniors’ ring AND the Pug ring. Of course, we had an 8 am ring time and are the second to last class. With 13 in the Open Intermediate class alone, the 53 Open Seniors didn’t enter the ring until 10 am! Oh yes! It was going to be a very long morning.

The Judge handled the jam-packed ring with grace and style. After they all entered in numerical order, they were then split into four different groups. Alexis and Boomer were smack dab in the middle of the third group, who didn’t reenter the ring until after 11 am. After performing a standard down and back on an angle, Alexis never stopped showing. I can tell you if I had waited that long I don’t know how focused I could remain. I know I was very impressed! So when The judge pulled them, making the cut for her group, I almost screamed with joy! I was a good mom. Promise!! It was all inside my head screams!!!

The initial group was cut down to 15 and from there the winner was selected. She had them perform an L, which Alexis is a master at. I am not sure what inspired her to make her first rotation only a few steps in from her turn but I think she was marked for that. She didn’t walk far enough in. The ring was considerably large, especially for the Pug breed. I suppose she miscalculated the self-adjustemnts she was trying to make but she TOTALLY naked the hand movements, that’s for sure! Our dynamic duo didn’t make it to placement but I know we are all very proud of her accomplishments. To make the cut in a group over 50??? That’s REALLY awesome!!!!


Day Two Brought The Same
Day Three Was Interesting