Never would I have thought that with an 8 am ring time this morning that we would have to RUN to get to our 1:30 Pug ring time. Crazy right? The run to the ring after a very, VERY long morning warranted a deep breath wishful thinking for a big huge cup of coffee. No time though. We were one of the first in ring.

Marg looked the best she did all week this afternoon, began fed a full breakfast ad remaining more focused on the bait then scrounging for scraps on the floor.  Even though she looked fabo, we also had twice as many entries in the ring today because people are all in town for the Speciality tomorrow. We need to kick up our game tomorrow because that is when we will have a Major – FINALLY!

There were a few hiccups in the Pug ring today, with the Ring Steward not calling Boomer’s number, Alexis got a bit confused, entering the ring towards the end and out of armband order. The professional handlers in the ring around her were having mini fit over it and making a scene, inspired theSteward to come over and check our the ruckus – She informed them to chill! It was NO big deal and if the judge had an issue with it she would have moved Alexis. Needless to say that never happened and this in the tizzy actually placed so WHY the big deal? Dunno. It didn’t phase Alexis that is for sure.


Finally Made It To The Juniors Ring
MAJOR Lessons Learned at the Specialty