This year’s booth rocked in SO many ways that I don’t even know where to begin! First, Barbara did an amazing job not the booth decor and blew everyone away before the event even began. We brought the backdrop and decorations up to the Convention Center on Thursday night and the complements were coming in before we had it setup! It is THAT amazing! Photos do not do it justice!!!

Next came the amazing progress made by Breanna and her mom with Tipsy. She returned as a completely different girl!!!! Walking freely on the lead, no snarls or growls and loved the attention from everyone -strangers and family alike! They are miracle workers!

Our crew made up the welcoming committee on Saturday and all three were real troopers. KC, Tipsy and Beamer did a wonderful job representing the breed. Each showed their caring and sweet nature as well as the different varieties in our breed. KC was her easy going yet reluctant self while Beamer was a ham, showing off his belly rub begin’ ways to anyone willing to scratch his tummy.

The two full days spent manning the booth brought so many wonderful people into our lives- I wish to thank every person that stopped by to love on our breed because YOU are the reason we are there. Your love, your passion, your inquiries and your interest in the Chihuahua!

We were THRILLED to be awarded Second Place in the Toy Breed Group in the Meet The Breed Competition. OWZERS! Two years in a row we have placed so to say we are honored is any understatement.


Bless Her and Her Patience
This Man's Best Friends