Breanna and TipsyBreanna and her mom Jen came to join in the fun of the Specialities today after they too spent the last three days at the Juniors Rings at the Orlando Cluster. I was so tickled when Breanna mentioned a desire to try her hand with a Chihuahua in the breed ring. I personally do not have anything for her to show but offered her the chance to show Tiger since Alexis or I was were going to for Rita. My day was really consumed with photographing the event and we were closing in on the start of the Pug Speciality  (luckily in the ring next to ours) so her accepting the challenge was greatly appreciated.

Breanna and TigerHe is a bit lead shy and not one to walk freely. Her patience while working with him ring side told me that they would do just fine. He did walk – Only when the judge wasn’t looking of course – But Breanna never gave up! She earned that elapse when she was done. And her determination didn’t stop there!

She actually asked if she could take one of our girls home with her, offering to bring them to the Meet The Breed booth tomorrow. She was very interested in working with Tipsy and with her still needing more socialization, how could I refuse? She is either a glutton for punishment or has the patience and determination of a saint!!!



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