Outside of the the little incident yesterday, I have to say that the Pug community has been so warm and welcoming, a feeling very apparent this afternoon as we attended our first Specialty. Their show was delayed almost an entire hour and with my need to be at the ring next door, they were so kind to keep me updated on the new start time so that I cow keep photographing. So sweet! And once things did kick into gear, it was again, like old-time friends rooting for one another.

I must first start by saying that completely unprovoked, Kat walked up to us and while looking down at Marg said, “That bitch is pregnant“. It took me aback but also got me very excited! She has been acting a bit “off” the last couple of days and I attributed it to a tiring week but now looking at her, yes, she is on the plumper side now isn’t she? I do hope he is right!

Now in the ring, she behaved the best she has all week with keeping her head up but I swear to Gaaaawd she look like she had to poop every time she stood still or self-stacked. I know she didn’t have to because she dropped her load right after we arrived at the Convention Center. Clearly the judge didn’t care too much because she was awarded with a 3rd place ribbon and we’ll take it!


Boomer did his thing for Alexis and we couldn’t be prouder. Those two are so in sync that it could be assumed that he grew up and trained under her. Nope. He just loves her with every single bit of his being and it shows!


Bless Her and Her Patience
Plum Tuckered Out