As I explained before, the decision to retire Teddy was far from an easy one. He has brought so many amazing things to your family and our program.  The honor and pride in being gifted such an amazing dog is immense and knowing that our program is based on him is, well, THE BEST! He is now almost 9 years old, a finished champion and the proud poppa to several dogs in the ring – He has earned the chance to retire and be the end-all-be-all to his own end-all-be-all.

Teddy and EricaIn addition to his natural ability to just show himself in the dog show ring, he is the most social Chihuahua I have ever met without being overbearing (you all have met one of THOSE Chihuahuas!) He is also a very loyal dog, loving his “person” with all of his heart and soul. He loves to cuddle up simply BE with that person and is at his happiest when he knows he is loved. So when I heard about Erica, I knew we found his, as well as HER, forever favorite friend.

ted-ericaShe was scared emotionally by a larger breed dog that turned. She so loves dogs but he fears and anxiety were keeping her from trying to bring a nosher dog into her home. When her mother heard about us looking for a new forever home for Teddy and of course, his tiny size and amazing traits, a surprise trial period was set up. Well I am here to tell you that the tears if her eyes and the almost instant attachment that Ted showed toward her told me there was no trial needed. It was amazing to watch. He never even looked back when they left. He Never Looked Back! He knew – She knew – I AM SO HAPPY!!!


Father and Son Snippety Do-Dah
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