A day we have been planning for and anticipating for quite some time now has finally come and the outcome was quite amazing! First, the neutering of Teddy has been in the works for quite some time now. Holding him back from the most recent batch of girls in season was no easy task and finding a home that was willing to take on and love an older male than might mark was more difficult. Everything finally came together and that perfect home found us. Closing this chapter in our lives was a very difficult one to make, but for Teddy to get the life he has earned and beyond deserves, today had to come.

Tipsy and I waiting for the boys in recoveryFather and Son did superbly with the surgery, handling the removal of their manhood with ease. Teddy was right back to his happy-go-lucky self around 30 minutes after his procedure while Stoli was a bit more knocked out for quite a bit longer than his good ol’ dad. He has reach the 7month mark and with all of the female hormones around here we want to make sure he doesn’t start lifting when he goes to his new forever home.

Tipsy came along for the adventure as well. Yes, we are still working on the whole socialization thing but she also needed her Rabies vaccine so she kept me and doc’s crew of Chihuahuas company while we waited for the boys to come out of recovery. She wants too keen on the whole “other dogs in the room” thing so she begged to get up most of the time. Go figure!


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