While Teddy has taken to his surgery like a champ Stoli is being a big ol baby and will not stop lickin’ and pickin’ at his sutures! For the first time in my Chihuahua history I had to go shopping for a cone of shame! First, they are not easy to find in the one local commercial store buy us. PetSmart apparently did some major layout redesigns because I was in shock when I walked the door and everything moved but then their selection has changed too. Big Time actually! If I wasn’t in a rush I would have headed right for their competition since I know exactly where everything is there. I stay and was quite intrigued with the alternative that they carried. One that blows up! Now THAT is not any nowhere near as bad at the plastic cone. They are four times the price of course, but I think for the mere reduction in shame, to is worth it.

Stoli, Beamer and the Inflatable ConeStole turned into a statue the moment I put it on him but once his buddy Beamer game by to investigate what happened next was beyond adorable. Yes, Stoli moved a bit but the pathetic look he was sporting’ clearly inspired Beamer to see if he could help his buddy out of his predicament. He tried to see if he could get the collar off with no success. So sweet!

Stoli, Beamer and the Inflatable ConeNow I will share that after several hour’s use and Stoli becoming more active and less freaked by his new adornment, there are a couple of issues with the inflatable collar. First, if it rotates with the velcro side turning to the front of the neck, he could get his mouth down to his nether regions. I had to make sure the fatter side remained in the front. Also, the fringes on his neck did get caught i the velcro and I had to cut it loose. Other than that, it did it’s job.


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