So the Pet Supplies Plus by my house that I have been getting my dog food from is changing hands, causing a delay in shipments. As happy as I am to have a place to get my Merrick food that is so close, I am not happy about my naive  dependency. You see, I ran out the day I drove up to pick up more and to my surprise, they did not have any Merrick in stock. I hated the idea of having to get any bellies upset so I asked an employee for some advice on what to do next. That’s when he suggested Whole Earth Farms.  They ARE Merrick, it’s just their cost-conscious brand. Still made int he USA. Still grain free.

So we are three weeks into the change and there were no issues at all. I have noticed they actually eat less but with a lot of anticipation. I don’t if that means they love it but are getting fuller on this brand or not but their stools are perfect and not smelly at all. Using both the beef/pork and the chicken mixed I got both bags for around $80.00 – that’s a $40.00 saving too! I can tell you that the gas that seems to freely seep from the Pugs has been cut in half. I am not too sure if it is the change in food or the putting back of chicken into the diet but we are loving the change!

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