Baby and Chewey move to TexasOur oldest has grown up waaaaaaaay too fast and in a whirlwind of a December, he got engaged (to the most amazing young woman ever!), was offered an amazing new job and has to move to Texas to begin the new career.  His goal was to always tae his other besets girl, Baby, with him when he moved out. Until now, that goal just ant possible. She would go for weekend visits, but the permanency wasn’t possible. That is until now.

The relocation also included our new soon-to-be, daughter’s (yeah, yeah, yeah… in-law) morkipoo named Chewey! Having another set of ears to clean  is her next favorite thing after the warm lap to cuddle up in. That very special day has finally come – and our babies are now on their way to Texas.

Scrub A Dub-Dub
FaceTime With The Kids