marg-yathinkI would have to say that Boomer is going to be a daddy. Wouldn’t you agree? Marg has apparently tripled in size in the last week and the scheduled doggy drop-off went down without a hitch yesterday. We met up with Rayna yesterday in Jacksonville to bring her Margie so that she can be whelped. She also brought us another soon-to-be-mommy named Gabbi so that we can breed her to Boomer. Sweet as ever Hans Solo came along for the ride so that we could see him. The last time we saw this sweet as ever puppy was back in the fall – He is growing into quite the handsome young Pug!! And yes, still a major kisser!

And so it is that time again. Time to place your bets. Rayna  and I say four, Alexis says five and Mandy says 6. Margie’s due date is the 25th of this month but can go as early as the 18th. Be sure to keep an eye out for her letter announcement!

Speaking of Waiting
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