newgatewait1I know I have mentioned several times that the Pugs will wait and wait and WAIT for Alexis to return if she leaves the room and I thought I would share that with our new doggy gates, the pattern has changed a bit.

You see, before, they could see through the bars of the baby gate and what for her return. There is no such ability with the new, solid gates, so they are left to use different senses. Smell and hearing are the next go-to’s  for Marg but Boomer prefers to simply wait JUST this side of the gate so that he can get smacked in the head with it she she, or anyone else, walks into the room. He is actually trying to peek though the tiny gap between the gate and wall but it is not a very successful plan. Needless to say, we now have to add “give Boomer a warning” to the steps needed to use our new, awesome gates.


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