I love Pinterest! I can’t imagine my life without it! It has inspired more projects for me in the last two years than a single magazine ever could and we are totally better off for it. You see, the standard baby gates on the market have one major Chihuahua flaw – the tiny ones can fit right through the bars! I knew that Pinterest could again save the day….

My entire camper renovation was inspired by Pinterest! So when I saw this fabulous baby gate idea in a pin I begged my husband to pull out the tools. As only he could, he made some slight improvements while honing in on the fine details they included int he original. Like the trim on the top – PERFECT!!!!! We went for a non-wallpaper design but I am opt to add it later.

new dog gateSince we need three doors to help keep the herd controlled, we purchased enough supplies to complete all three, He opted to use sheets of Underlayment which is not only babybutt smooth on both sides but also a very nice, light weight. One sheet was large enough to create two doors and painting it is a breeze. Then we needed six 1 x 6 pieces of #2 pine so that the mitered frame pieces sound be added – Two for each door.  We found some cabinet trim to use for the top moulding piece which fit across the top perfectly! The final item needed in the cart at HomeDepot was the gate hardware. We went the white route, making for more of a subtle look. Of course, there was also the wood glue, air nail gun and the finish nails but all in all, it was a quick and fun weekend project with one down and two more to go!

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