Now that the puppies are downstairs I can tell you that they are loving all of the new found freedoms. Between all of the experiences that come with being in the most active room in the house (besides the kitchen of course) their play sessions throughout the day are hands down, their favorite parts of the day.

Barbie, Smoochie and our still-in-heat Tipsy stay inside with the puppies and herd them while the rest of the dogs enjoy the back yard. (The weather has been perfect lately!)

Tipsy photo bombOn a side note, I think all of this one-on-one time spent with Tipsy while she has been in heat has made her a tad too attached to me. Every time I pick up the camera she seems jealous of the attention given to someone other than her. Check out this too-cute-to-not-comment-on photobomb!


Olive Is Wobble-Walking