Today the puppies turned 8 weeks old and they also received their first set of puppy vaccines. With their shots, they were also given a very thorough exam to go along with their health certificates. All were given a clean bill of health and only Toeby whined. (There is always one!)

While we waited for our turn, Juan, the office cat, never got to fulfill his incessant need to crawl into a crate/carrier. With six puppies in tow, my carrier was never empty nor was it’s door left open long enough for him to slip in. Please don’t get me wrong, he did try! And his persistence was rather evident by the fact that he never left from the top of the carrier. He sat on top of it for close to 20 minutes, tail swaying back and forth as if trying to keep others out. It didn’t work of course, but he gets an A for effort!

Huge 5th Week
She's Sayin' It's Time