Singleton puppies often times develop what could be called “odd” temperaments. Partly because they have no litter-mates to compete or of course, bond with. Hand-raised puppies also have interesting temperament traits, creating a unique bond with humans. Olive has exposure to BOTH and I can see her developing a bit of a Diva ‘tude if I do not intercede. You see, with six puppies just in another room, periodic exposure – I mean “play time” – with her half-aunts and uncles would do nothing but good for Olive.

It was beyond entertaining to watch their initial interactions and of course, note just how exceptionally tiny she is. Olive was like a deer in headlights at first but then once she realized she had to contend with six overzealous puppies, her feistiness made its appearance. Oh yeah, barks and growls were emitted as the puppies, sniffed, dominated, licked and tended to Olive, insuring her to eventually raise a paw to play. SO cute! Once she gets a bit bigger, we can make her play sessions longer but until then, I can imagine and dream about how she will eventually be a part of this puppy pack.

When the Temps Call for it
First Bath