Our first dog show road trip of the year and it turned out to be a great start of 2015. With a 9:30 ring time, we arrived bright and early and it started with rooting on the class bitch entries. When Boomer took breed, the excitement was high and the pride was intense. Oh yeah! Even more Grand Champion points!!! So proud of our awesome team!!!

LWH Alexis & TipsyOf course, the scheduling gods were not on our side because not only was ur next ring time 3:30 in the afternoon but for some bizarre reason, Groups started at 2:45, two buildings away! So after major Tipsy socialization and some awesome food-truck lunch later, there was still quite a bit of waiting. And waiting, and waiting!

The toy group was the fourth group so we assumed we would get the Junior competition over first. When I got the text that the groups were moving along a lot faster than w anticipated, Alexis and Boomer had to RUN to the other building. The Judge was kind enough to let them slip in at the end because he hadn’t examined any of the dogs yet. They did a fabulous job but didn’t place. I am sure the mad dash is what threw her off but Alexis look frazzled as I told her to RUN LIKE LIGHTNING back to the other building because they were calling Open Seniors to the ring.

Again, they had to slip in at the end and keeping herself composed was a tad difficult. She did all of the moves correctly, she was just disheveled looking with her suit sleeve dangling past her fingers and not pushed up and her hair all whips and flying around Poor thing tried so hard to keep it together and was honestly the most gracious fifth placed Junior I have ever seen – SO proud of her! I know she was confused but handled it superbly!


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