Watching Westminster for my daughter and I is like watching the Superbowl for the rest of our family. Sure the National Dog Show at Thanksgiving and then the AKC Eukanuba Nationals in December, Westminster in February is our main event. Some day, she and I will head up to New York to witness it in person, but until then , we will root for our favs from the comforts of our couch.

Watching the live streams of Long coats at 12:30 this afternoon and Smooths at 1:30 was awesome but rooting for our breeds in Groups was AWE-SOME!!! I love how with this show they actually show each and every breed in groups, not just those that get pulled – It’s just so much more exciting to watch the judge narrow down their selections. And to watch the Smooth Coat get pulled ?? OH MY WORD!! I think the entire family was screaming “GO SONNITO!!!”  He didn’t make it past the first cut but man oh man, that was so exciting. Next Year!


On a side note, Beamer was enthralled by the show on the television. He is one of those dogs that loves to GO to the show, just not entering the ring itself. He can sit ring-side all day long and take in the fun and excitement, he just wishes to remain on THIS side of the gate. So with that being said, watching him watch the show from the couch was just so fitting for our sweet guy. He knows what’s up – One very smart boy!

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