…Bubbles was SO right! We have been allowing Olive to hang with the others for short periods of time, usually ending the visit once her barks and snarls reach a point where they sound VERY angry. Today I really watched as these same sounds came out of her itty-bitty mouth and I realized they are complete enamored with her and are honestly trying to get her to play – And also take care of her by cleaning her face and interestingly enough, her rear end!

Olive Sleeping with RudySo instead of pulling her out, I let it all ride until she finally calmed down and chilled. She actually instigated play with the other puppies and then eventually cuddled up in the bed and napped with them. She even snuggled up right in Rudy’s chest and slept there for quite a while.

All in all, she spent close to six hours downstairs with us and it was a complete success.  Olive and Bubbles retired in there private suite for the night but we will do the same again tomorrow for sure!

She's Sayin' It's Time
Da Balloon