Oh My Word I Am So Excited!

This day has been on the schedule for several weeks now and to know it is finally here makes me so happy. Jill and her hubby picked out “their boys” based on their amazing good looks, individual and very unique personalities and of course the fact that they are littermates was just a bonus. When one of those families come along that make ME wish I lived there, it’s a dream come true to know one of our puppies will be their newest addition. To know that two puppies will have a life where they will want for nothing puts me over the moon! I am proud to announce Rudy and Oliver (aka Toeby) went home with their new mommy today and I don’t know who is the happiest!

Jill Visiting OliveHaving followed the journey of Olive from almost day one, Jill had to also finally meet the pup she has been cheering on from afar. Sure, it was another chance to get her even more socialized, but for Jill to hold her in her hands, the pride they both expressed was priceless. Jill has been her biggest cheerleader!

Bracelet from JillAnd then came more gifts for Alexis. Perhaps everyone knows our sweet baby girl will be turning 16 very soon or maybe the fact that she has been wishing and hoping for jewelry (she has always been kind of a tomboy) but another bracelet has entered her life by way of Jill  (who also brought a way cool coffee mug for me from Amy). My daughter will be glitzen’ and glamin’ in the show ring this year! And I am so touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of some very special additions to our ever growing dog family – What an amazing day  – What an amazing week!

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