Today has been a whiril-win and this photo explains at least some of the dog antics going on in our house…

so much going onStoli his being socialized with the puppies because – we are proud to share – he will be going home with Coquito! Stoli hasn’t been too keen on playing with the puppies so we normally keep him in the other room during their play sessions. Now that he will be sharing his life – and an 8 hour drive home – with a pup, we thought it would be best to get him much more acclimated. You can easily see that the goal has been completed in one afternoon. Yes, that’s him on his backing the middle!

Ty was spending a LOT of time with Tipsy and his abundance of attention (and her licking herself as well) alerted us to the fact that it was only a pseudo heat she experienced back in February. She is back in full season and swollen like a baboon!

Barbie is back on high alert and back to tending to the puppies, as if she knows that Bubbles is going home tomorrow. Bubbles has taken on the “mothering” of all of the puppies for the past month, giving Barbie a much earned break from six rambunctious pups!

Olive has no idea she is 1/4 the size of our tiniest Chi, Dewey. She gets right in there and plays like she is the size of Boomer the Pug and has no problem barking to let everyone know.

Beamer is still as happy-go-lucky as ever and loves everyone equally but Smoochie is just trying to find her place. She wants so much to play with the puppies but at the same time, kinda prefers to just sleep on the couch. Makes me think she is going to make a fabulous mommy so day because right now, she is third in line with the pups. I am sure once Bubbles is home, she will be the one to give Barbie the breaks 🙂

Happy For Them ALL!
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