Yes, the Balloon has made it a month and the puppies are forever thankful. Today was it’s final day on this earth – I put it out of it’s misery – but not before the pups had one more exciting play session.

It hovered close enough to the ground that with a swift paw, could be swiped like a volleyball.  That is exactly what happened to! They pawed it back and forth for what seemed to be hours.

At the same time, the older girls/mommies  -Barbie, Tipsy and Bubbles – sunbathed on the rug and watched the pups play – Like moms sitting and watching their little ones play at the park, they periodically got up to scold or wrangle a pup and then back to their on spot they went.

Olive doesn’t have the stamina that the older pups have and she usually cuddles up in a nearby doggy bed to nap well before they are put up in the pen. Today she cuddled up with her mommy in the sun – PRECIOUS!

Her Cuddle Buds
Her Spot